The First Teacher

The First Teacher

«Talent is a way to express world in an original way.»

A.S.Konchalovsky, "Arguments and Facts", #34
Natalya Arinbasarova, Bolot Beishenaliev, Darkul Kyukova, Idris Nogaibaev, Sovetbek Dzhumadylov, Baken Kadykeeva, Clara Yusupdzhanova, Nazret Dubashev, Kasym Zharkinbaev
Year 1965
Country USSR

Script – Chingiz Aitmatov, Boris Dobrodeev, Andrey Konchalovsky
Camera – Georgy Rerberg, Art – Mikhail Romadin
Composer – Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Sound – Evgeny Kashkevich, Sofia Katsenelenbogen
Editing – E.Ladyzhenskaya

Technical data: "Mosfilm"-"Kirgizfilm", 102 min., b/n, 2779 m

The world of The First Teacher was formed by the multiplication of the worlds of Chingiz Aitmatov, Akira Kurosawa and poet Pavel Vasilyev. () Compared to the lyric prose of Aitmatov, the temperature of The First Teacher is many degrees higher. I was led by the desire to shoot a red hot reality. (A.S.Konchalovsky, Elevated Deception (Vozvyshayushiy obman,)M., 1999)

I got on a plane to Kyrgyzia. It was full of people talking a strange guttural language, and almost smelling like sheep. Oh my god, where am I going? I was paralyzed with horror. I was afraid to take off my coat. Was there a point in taking it off? I thought Id just stay for a little bit and get off. But you cant really get off a plane like that. I thought: will there really come a day when Id bring 25 km of film to Moscow? The First Teacher was my first feature film. I was going abroad, but then nobody asked me: Are you coming back?